Qui sommes-nous

Depuis 2017 l’association Provock soutient les groupes et artistes locaux & régionaux à travers l’organisation de concerts et autres manifestations culturelles.
Plus de 100 groupes ont ainsi déjà été programmés : The Psychotic Monks, Johnny Mafia, Jim younger’s Spirit, Steve Amber, Shoefiti, Avee Mana, Moondawn, Grand Balcony Twang Machine, Meteoclub, Hey Ginger !, Kursed, Swan Ink, Harold Martinez, Fabulous Sheep, Duck Tape, Ulster Page, Splash Macadam, LuneApache, One shot Lili, Copernic, Rescue Rangers, Old Factory, Addie, All.B & Co, Polar & Diego, The Mirrors, Spinabifida, Flawed Colors, BelphegorZ, Lonely Longhorn, The Sobers, Picnic Republic, Tusken, Ricine, Mr White & Embers, Conger ! Conger !, You Said Strange, Electric Retro spectrum, Pragma Tango, January sons, Thirty Fingers, Moon Ra, Overview, The Needs, Hoboken Division, Billy Boguard, Pleasures, Section Azzura, No Quantize, Usken, Indian Ghost, Parade, Colorblind, Sendwood, Red Sativa, Sexy Mexican Maid, Los Bankalos, Little Green Fairy, Le SuperHomard, Twin Apple, Doc Vinegar, Ex’Odd, Time Structure, Marla Singer, Yvi Slan, Sunday Morning Drunkards, Alone and Me, Cowboys From Outerspace, Stereaw, Sovox, TH Da Freak, New Candys, At Dawn We Are Kings, Cat Caldwell, Wowee, Spirit Bomb, The Howlin’ City, The Spitters, Catalogue, George San, Automn, Own, Joe La Truite, Thelma, Speak French, Dead Cats Division, Venus as a boy, Wild Wankers, Hollow Gram, LUG, We Hate you Please Die, Garces Kelly, Claude Fernand, Equipe de Foot, OPTM, Fuuzcake, Imane El Halouat, SIZ, Dahuz, Last Freedom…